Wood Pellets Delivered in Bulk

We supply high quality wood pellets suitable for both domestic and commercial customers needs

We offer Bulk Blown Pellets to suit both domestic and commercial customer needs and we can deliver to all regions of the UK and Ireland. Our EN plus accredited and BSL authorised Wood Pellets meet the highest of quality specifications.

For Bulk Blown deliveries please contact our sales team on 028 877 61523 or complete the form below

Quality Parameter Hayes Wood Pellets Typical Analysis ENPlus-A1 Quality Standard
Diameter (mm) 6 6 or 8 +/- 1
Length (mm) 16.76 3.15 - 40
Bulk Density (kg/m3) 670 >600
Net Calorific Value (mj/kg) 18 16.5 - 19
Moisture (%) 6 - 7 <10
Durability (%) 98.9 >97.5
Ash (%) 0.3 - 0.5 <0.7
Ash Melting Temp. (℃) 1500 >1200
Material 100% Debarked Coniferous Virgin Wood with No Additives Stem Wood, Chemically intreated wood residues
We offer delivery across the UK and Ireland

We offer delivery across the UK and Ireland

From full pallets to 28 tonne loads we can meet your wood pellet needs

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Hayes wood pellets meet the highest quality standards

  • bsl authorised
  • en plus accredited
  • Wood Fuel Quality Assurance

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