Quality Horse Bedding

Delivered to your door in manageable 15kg bags

As Hayes Wood Pellets are made from 100% Debarked Coniferous Virgin Wood and contain no additives they are ideal bedding material for horses. In addition to our 15KG bags being easy to lift and handle the wood pellets are more absorbent than traditional bedding products including straw and wood shavings that saturate extremely quickly when in use. When water is added to the pellets, they will expand creating a dense soft bed. Our bags can be delivered on full pallets across the UK and Ireland that can be easily stored in garages or sheds. Pallets are purchased with a protective wrapping to prevent weather damage to the bags during transportation and are delivered within 3 – 5 days from the order being placed.

We offer delivery across the UK and Ireland

We offer delivery across the UK and Ireland

From full pallets to 28 tonne loads we can meet your wood pellet needs

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Hayes wood pellets meet the highest quality standards

  • bsl authorised
  • en plus accredited
  • Wood Fuel Quality Assurance

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